through the mind to the heart

We see it as the way to trigger the right emotions, whether it is communication, brand, or media strategy. For emotions undeniably influence out behaviour. By arousing emotions we modify the way we perceive the reality. There are no rational decisions – a man is rarely capable of breaking out of the beaten tracks his of his mind, nor can he control changing levels of adrenaline, dopamine or serotonin. We will use this fact to your advantage and success.

Projektowanie graficzne


through the heart to the mind

We react mainly to pictures. After all, it is a picture that transfers information faster and – for a great majority of people – more effectively than words. A picture arouses a whole range of emotions: joy, need, interest, affection. It is nothing but a full-bodied information which simultaneously activates countless neutrons in our brain. We may not be aware of the fact that there is no colour, shape, or proportion that goes unnoticed. Correction – we are aware of it, but your clients do not need to be. It is the final result that matters to them.



the heart and the mind in one word

Do you happen to speak Japanese? Which of the following words means “free”, and which means “fast”? Hay ai or Osoi? You are likely to answer correctly because even single sounds spark some certain emotions. “I” and “j” stand for dynamism, while “s” and “o” make us think of freedom. There are plenty of such connections and that is why when we work on a new name, not only do we follow our mind but also trust our emotions.



beyond the heart and the mind

As Dorothea Lang, an American photographer, once said: “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” This is how we see photography: as a means of showing the reality beyond our perception. It is in a way another, parallel reality. We trust a specialized Kaszamanna studio to reveal this reality and support the creation of the brand. They know how to do it.

Identyfikacja wizualna


power of the heart, strength of the mind

Before there was a word, there had been a sign. Signs have been accompanying humans for centuries as a means of communication between different groups of people. The system of visual identity is the language your company speaks to the emotions of your clients. We have been studying this language for years and have become fluent with it. We understand its nuances and subtleties. We just think in this language.